Bernard O’Sullivan was a farmer and concertina player of Country Clare, with an extensive repertoire of traditional tunes, when these recordings were made in 1975 by John Tams and Neil Wayne. His companion Tommy McMahon, a generation younger, learnt both from Bernard an from his wide contest experience, which included All-Ireland senior championship prizes in 1971, ’72 and ’73.

1 Polkas: The Babes in the Wood / Cooraclare Polka / Clare Dragoons Bernard O’Sullivan / Tommy McMahon
2 Jigs: The Shady Groves of Piedmont / The Humours of Ennistymon Bernard O’Sullivan / Tommy McMahon
3 Reels: The Old Torn Petticoat / Tommy People’s Favourite Tommy McMahon
4 Set dance: Mount Fabus Hunt Bernard O’Sullivan / Tommy McMahon
5 Reels: Ollie Conway’s Selection Tommy McMahon
6 Reels: Kilrush Races / The Clogher Reel / Burren Reel Tommy McMahon / Bernard O’Sullivan
7 Set dance: Bonaparte’s Retreat Tommy McMahon / Bernard O’Sullivan
8 March: Bonaparte’s March Bernard O’Sullivan
9 Jigs: Barron’s / Jackson’s / The Milltown Jig Tommy McMahon
10 Set dance: Rodney’s Glory Tommy McMahon / Bernard O’Sullivan
11 Reel: Tommy McMahon’s Reel Tommy McMahon
12 Waltz: Over The Waves Bernard O’Sullivan / Tommy McMahon
13 Polkas: Girl I Left Behind / Maggie in the Wood Bernard O’Sullivan
14 Jigs: Martin Talty’s / Thomas Friel’s / Joe Cunnean’s Tommy McMahon
15 Hornpipes: Sean Ryan’s / Danganella hornpipe Tommy McMahon
16 Set dance: Job O’ Journeywork Tommy McMahon / Bernard O’Sullivan
17 Reels: The Ash Plant / The Maid of Mount Cisco Bernard O’Sullivan / Tommy McMahon

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