A former fisherman from Brighton, Johnny Doughty was discovered in his early seventies and recorded for Topic records. His songs, delivered with a vigorous sincerity that belied his age, ranged from classic Elizabethan ballads to locally composed ditties, as well as reflecting his extrovert personality.

1 Herring Heads
2 The Wreck of the Northfleet
3 When I was Single
4 The Golden Vanity
5 The Saucy Sailor
6 Baltimore
7 While Going Round the Cape/Round Rye bay for More
8 Spanish Ladies
9 The Sailor’s Alphabet
10 The Mermaid
11 Marry Me
12 I’m Going to be Mother Today
13 Barbar Allen
14 My Boy Billy
15 Dick Turpin/Let Her Go Back
16 Rye Harbour Girl
17 The Streets of Port Arthur

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