Darby’s Farewell is a fine portrait of a working musician. Josie McDermott was a well-known player who played across the range of Irish music – trumpet or saxophone with ‘modern’ groups and whistle or flute with ceili bands. He was an All-Ireland champion many times on several instruments and lilting, and was a finalist three times in ballad-singing. This album, recorded in 1977, focuses on his traditional repertoire.

1 Reels: The Kerry Man / The Pigeon on the Gate flute
2 Jigs: Sixpenny Money / Garrett Barry’s Jig whistle
3 Hornpipes: The Bush Hornpipe / Dunphy’s Hornpipe flute
4 Song: Moorlough Mary
5 Slow air: An Cailin Rua flute
6 Reels: The Tap Room / Toss the Feathers whistle, bodhran
7 Jigs: Dominic’s Farewell to Cashel / Trip to the Cottage flute
8 Lilting: The Collier’s Reel / The Bank of Ireland
9 Reels: Micko Russell’s Reel / Trip to Birmingham flute, bodhran
10 Polkas: Murphy’s Polka / The Keadue Polka whistle
11 Reels: Peg McGrath’s Reel / GanIey’s Reel flute, bodhran
12 Song: Ballad of the O’Carolan Country
13 Reels: The Flowers of Ballymotel / Colemen’s Cross whistle
14 Song: Une Wan
15 Slow air: flute
16 Jigs: Boys of the Town / Dwyer’s Jig flute, bodhran
17 Reels: Father O’Grady’s Visit to Bocca / Darby’s Farewell to London whistle, bodhran

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