Blowzabella is a genuinely unique band that makes an inimitable, driving, drone-based sound played with a fabulous sense of melody, rhythmic expertise and sheer feeling. They compose their own music which is influenced by English and European traditional dance music. Vanilla, first released on the Topic Special Delivery label in 1990, is one of their finest recordings.

Andy Cutting : melodeons, percussion
Nigel Eaton : hurdy gurdies, ‘cello, percussion
Jo Freya : Voclas, tenor saxophone, clarinet
Paul James : soprano saxophone, bagpipes, rauschfeife, percussion
Ian Luff : bass guitars, cittern, guitar, percussion
Jon Swayne : alto & soprano saxophones, bagpipes

1 Spaghetti Panic (A Cutting)
2 La Belle C’est Endormir / Famous Wolf (trad. N Eaton)
3 Jan Mijne Man / Go Mauve (trad. I Luff)
4 Fulmine (R Tesi arr A Cutting)
5 Beanfield / Monster Cafe (J Swayne/N Eaton)
6 I Wish, I Wish (trad. arr Freya)
7 Down Side / Solveig’s Song / Doctor Feg (P James/Greig:Ibsen/N Eaton)
8 Horizonto (P James)
9 In Continental Mood / The Old Queen / Flatworld (A Cutting/I Luff/A Cutting)
10 The Lover’s Ghost (trad. arr Freya)
11 The R.S.B. & the Hobb (A Cutting/I Luff)
12 Spaghetti Panic (Live) (A Cutting)

First issued as Special Delivery SPDCD1028 / 1990

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