A popular folk club act from the early 1970s with a particular fondness for their local Lincolnshire repertoire.

John Connolly, Tom Smith, Bill Meek, Brian Dawson, Mike Lee
(Guitars, accordion, melodeon, banjo, fiddle, dulcimer, mandolin, whistle and voices).

1 Seventeen come Sunday
2 Lincolnshire Wedding Song
3 The Bold Grenadier
4 The Gardener and the Ploughman
5 Free and Easy
6 The Outlandish Knight
7 Caistor Fair
8 Dicky Turpin
9 Lisbon
10 The American Stranger
11 Maria Marten
12 The Poacher
13 Creeping Jane
14 The Banks of Sweet Dundee

Recorded by Tony Engle in Grimsby
First published by Topic 1973

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