TRADITIONAL SONGS OF LOVE & LUST – A collection of erotic folk song.

These songs were made by men and women in close touch with nature, in tune with the run of the seasons, the growthy of crops, the increase of stock, the fruitfulness of their own kind. They are mainly concerned with the great clean truths of desire and fulfilment, love and fruitfulness.

1 The Two Magicians – AL Lloyd (with Dave Swarbrick)
2 The Old man From Over the Sea – Frankie Armstrong
3 The Wanton Seed – AL Lloyd
4 Gathering Rushes in the Month of May – Anne Briggs
5 The Banks of Sweet Primroses – Louis Killen (acc. concertina)
6 The Maid on the Shore – Frankie Armstrong
7 The Bonny Black Hare – AL Lloyd (with Dave Swarbrick)
8 The Whirly Whorl – Anne Briggs
9 Pretty Polly – AL Lloyd
10 The Night Visiting Song – Norman Kenneddy
11 The Old Bachelor – AL Lloyd (with Dave Swarbrick & Alf Edwards)
12 The Cock – Louis Killen
13 The Stonecutter Boy – Anne Briggs
14 The Mower – AL Lloyd
15 The Bird in the Bush – Frankie Armstrong
16 The Pegging Awl – AL Lloyd (with Alf Edwards)
17 One May Morning – Louis Killen
18 Martinmas Time – Anne Briggs
19 The Widow of Westmorland’s Daughter – AL Lloyd (with Dave Swarbrick & Alf Edwards

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