TSCD591After a very successful tour and recording schedule over the last six months the wonderful new trio with Martin Simpson, Andy Cutting and Nancy Kerr will release their debut album together on June 8th.

Murmurs was recorded in January this year and captures all the excitement of three master musicians having musical fun together. The album will appear on DL, CD and a limited edition Deluxe CD/DVD set. It’s a collection of songs that communicate to the listener a sense of bonded musicianship, a real feeling and empathy for each others’ playing and a collective love and innate understanding of the music. Recorded with award-winning producer Andy Bell, the combination of traditional songs, such as ‘Fair Rosamund’ and a stunning ‘Plains of Waterloo’, and original compositions, including ‘Dark Swift’ and ‘Not Even The Ground’ makes for a compelling listening experience; stories are told with instruments played by these masters of their respective crafts, but this is no showcase, more an expression of the joy of playing and singing between three absolutely intuitive musicians.

“It is so incredibly exciting. Andy and Nancy have been brilliant. The whole project is sheer joy!”Martin Simpson

“Outrageously great album from Simpson | Cutting | Kerr. ‘Dark Swift & Bright Swallow’ is amazing. It’s stunning and beautiful. And timely. All things great folk should be.” – Rob Cowen, author of ‘Common Ground’

Track list:
1 Dark Swift And Bright Swallows
2 Richmond Cotillion
3 Dark Honey
4 Fair Rosamund
5 Gather The Owls / Train On The Island
6 Toy Soldiers
7 The Cruel Mother
8 Seven Years
9 The Plains Of Waterloo
10 Lads Of Alnwick
11 Not Even The Ground / Two Ladies
12 Some Old Salty

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Download “Lads of Alnwick” music transcription (banjo)

Downloads “Plains of Waterloo” music transcription (fingerstyle)

Download “Angel Hill” music transcription (guitar)

Download “Plains of Waterloo” music transcription (slide guitar)