TSDL105‘Together, they form a team, sometimes a little ragged, but never lacking in the fire which is essential to success. Their joint travels around Europe taught them a great deal which home life could not have done and they came back to Britain, better than when they had first left it. For a short time I was privileged to work with them on mandolin. We had a ball as a trio and I learned more in a few weeks, more of the sheer pleasure of playing music, than I had done in several years of more serious attempts to progress.’

From the original sleevenotes by Alexis Korner

1. Rich and Rambling Boys
2. Buffalo Skinner
3. I wish I was a Rock
4. It’s Hard ain’t it Hard
5. All Around the Water Tank
6. Mother’s not Dead
7. East Virginia Blues
8. The Old Bachelor
9. Danville Girl
10. The State of Arkansas
11. The Death of Mr Garfield
12. Roll on Buddy

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