Fay Hield - Wrackline

Wrackline, the new album from Fay Hield, looks at traditional stories involving the ‘otherworld’ of fairies, ghosts and the animal kingdom, the new work explores our emotional responses to the space between their realm and our own. Working through imaginary space to make things real. “We all search to connect with others – we are entranced by those we cannot connect with and find ways to tell their stories to explain our own.”

The album is set to be released this September and will contain some interpretations of traditional songs and responses to carefully selected songs exploring their meaning and drawing on personal experience and beliefs.

Fay is accompanied on the new album by a stellar cast of some of the finest folk musicians working today; Rob Harbron, Sam Sweeney, Ben Nicholls and Ewan McPherson.

“Fay’s songs merge seamlessly into the tradition, and the result is an exceptional album that is compelling, intelligent, atmospheric and occasionally meloncholic, but never solemn – a magnificent piece of work.”
RnR Magazine (★★★★★ 5 stars)

“With Wrackline she couples a fresh immersion into the ‘otherworld’ of lore, myth, and song combined with her own songwriting, evoking the space between folkloric realities and our own.”
Songlines (★★★★ 4 stars)

“Hield rises above and beyond comparison to continue her singular journey and deliver what is bound to be one of the most anticipated trad releases of the year.”
Spiral Earth (★★★★ 4 stars)read review

“Wrackline is an album full of pleasing and brilliantly executed internal mirrors and unexpected directions. It is a world lovingly crafted by Hield, with its own logic, its own depths of meaning.”
Folk Radioread review

“Fay has blended her own songwriting with traditional songs and themes and if there are prizes to be had at the end of this strange year she would win one.”
Folking.comread review

“Fay Hield delves deep into folk’s love of the weird and the magical… ‘Wrackline’ is a real must hear.”
Americana UK (8 out of 10)read review

“A wrackline may be a gathering of flotsam and jetsam, but what washes up here is a true treasure chest.”
FATEAread review

“This will definitely be a contender in the album of the year lists come December, and it fully deserves to be so too. Go and listen now.”
For Folk’s Sakeread review

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