We’ve gone back to the original tapes of Anne Briggs’ eponymous debut album, commissioned one of the UK’s top mastering engineers to remaster it and in doing so, have unearthed four previously unreleased tracks from the album sessions! Incredible as it may sound, these four songs, which we’re calling ‘The Lost Tape,’ were filed away back in 1971 but remarkably, until now, have gathered dust.

This Topic Treasures release, remastered by Calum Malcom from the original quarter-inch tapes, expands on the 2019 vinyl re-issue which includes original album artwork by Humphrey Weightman plus notes by A.L. Lloyd, music journalist Ken Hunt and Anne Briggs herself. The album includes ‘The Lost Tape’ in the form of bonus 7” single, again, designed by Weightman, based on a never-before-seen 1967 illustration by Eamonn O’Doherty. The album will be available in all participating record stores on Record Store Day, April 20th.

“Briggs’ remarkable debut only seems to grow more luminous in time”Uncut

“Like Nick Drake, Briggs was a modest seller in her own time but her cultural footprint is similarly colossal. Hear her once, hear her everywhere”Mojo