A.L. Lloyd

A. L. Lloyd – The Great Australian Legend


This album offers a collection of traditional song from Australia. The great folksong collector and singer, A L Lloyd is accompanied by Trevor Lucas, Martyn Wyndham-Reade, Dave Swarbrick & Alf Edwards. 1  Waltzing Matilda - A L Lloyd 2  Jim Jones at [...]

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A. L. Lloyd – First Person


A L Lloyd occupied a unique position in the British folksong revival. Much-loved father-figure and mentor to many younger singers, he was a performer of persuasive charm, as well as an international authority on folklore and a frequent broadcaster. Lloyd was for [...]

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A.L. Lloyd – Outback Ballads


A colourful collection of ballads and songs from Australia. A L (Bert) Lloyd was a leading architect of the British folk song revival and spent an early part of his life working in the Australian outback. Lloyd learnt these songs in the [...]

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Various Artists – Blow The Man Down


Sea songs and shanties A treasure-chest of seafaring songs delivered by such fine inter-preters as Louis Killen, The Watersons, Bob Davenport, Ian Campbell and Cyril Tawney. The two dozen performances include some of the best-known of all British sea songs and shanties, [...]

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Various Artists – English & Scottish Folk Ballads


The folk ballad,' wrote A.L.Lloyd, 'is a folk tale put into verse and set to music. Among British ballads are some of the oldest as well as greatest folksongs we have.' His claim is trenchantly justified by this exceptional collection, as dramas [...]

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Ewan MacColl, A.L. Lloyd, Roy Harris – Bold Sportsmen All


Gamblers and sporting blades These songs of sport and betting evoke a packed landscape of hunts and racecourses, boxing rings and football pitches, cockfighting pits, card tables and poolrooms, in boisterous renditions by Ewan MacColl, A.L.Lloyd and Roy Harris. 1  Ewan MacColl [...]

Ewan MacColl, A.L. Lloyd, Roy Harris – Bold Sportsmen All2019-11-08T11:17:15+00:00

A.L. Lloyd – English Drinking Songs


A L 'Bert' Lloyd occupied a unique position in the folksong revival of the 1950s and '60s. He was a musicologist with an international reputation, who wrote on the social history of British folk music and broadcast many series on traditional musics [...]

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