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Louis Killen – Ballads & Broadsides


Louis Killen is a hard-core, unadulterated folksinger whose passionate delivery is matched by a deep and wide-ranging knowledge of the songs and the working people who made them. Born in Gateshead in Co. Durham, he was noted for his love of sea [...]

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Various Artists – Blow The Man Down


Sea songs and shanties A treasure-chest of seafaring songs delivered by such fine inter-preters as Louis Killen, The Watersons, Bob Davenport, Ian Campbell and Cyril Tawney. The two dozen performances include some of the best-known of all British sea songs and shanties, [...]

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Various Artists – English & Scottish Folk Ballads


The folk ballad,' wrote A.L.Lloyd, 'is a folk tale put into verse and set to music. Among British ballads are some of the oldest as well as greatest folksongs we have.' His claim is trenchantly justified by this exceptional collection, as dramas [...]

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Various Artists – Tommy Armstrong Of Tyneside


SONGS BY THE GREAT BALLADEER OF THE COALFIELDS The remarkable writings of Tyneside 'pit poet' Tommy Armstrong (1848-1919), one of the finest of all working class song-makers are celebrated in a recording by some of the North East's finest folk musicians. 1  [...]

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