Nic Jones

An Introduction to Nic Jones


The 14th release in Topic’s acclaimed ‘An Introduction To...’ series celebrates the classic English folk singer, fingerstyle guitarist and fiddle player, Nic Jones. Compiled by Nic himself, the album includes sleeve notes by Colin Irwin (fRoots/The Guardian) and two previously unreleased 2013 [...]

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Nic Jones – The Enigma of Nic Jones


'The Enigma of Nic Jones' - is a beautiful, award-winning documentary directed by Michael Proodfoot and narrated by Cerys Matthews, with contributions from Nic Jones, his friends, family, collaborators and musicians inspired by the man and his music. After a forced absence [...]

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Nic Jones – Canadee-I-O


Nic Jones' Penguin Eggs LP was first released on Topic Records in June 1980 to great critical acclaim. The album continues to be a mainstay of the Topic Records catalogue, consistently repressed on CD and vinyl, and available digitally, but Nic's music [...]

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Nic Jones – Game Set Match


For over thirty years Nic Jones has been recognised as one of the finest artists to have emerged from the British folk revival of the mid twentieth century. He recorded a handful of important albums including his most highly regarded Penguin Eggs [...]

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Nic Jones – Penguin Eggs


This mature work of a brilliant song-interpreter and guitarist, packed with fresh songs and novel settings, is rendered all the more valuable by the scarcity of his recordings. When Bob Dylan appropriated his arrangement of Canadee-I-O, it was just one sign of [...]

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