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The Watersons – For Pence And Spicy Ale


For pence and spicy ale introduced the "new" Watersons of the 1970s - when Martin Carthy joined the group. Two music papers judged it Folk Album of the Year in 1975 and, for many, it is the best album that The Watersons [...]

The Watersons – For Pence And Spicy Ale2019-11-07T15:01:58+00:00

Eliza Carthy & Norma Waterson – Gift


Eliza Carthy and Norma Waterson are quite simply two of Britain's finest exponents of traditional song. They have recorded independently and together on many occasions over the years. Gift is the first duo release from this widely acclaimed mother and daughter. With [...]

Eliza Carthy & Norma Waterson – Gift2022-02-01T16:54:09+00:00

The Watersons – Early Days


Introducing these recordings on their first appearance in the mid-'60s A.L. Lloyd wrote of this new singing group's 'hand-crafted harmonies, an immediately recognisable and uniquely distinctive group sound which is uninhibited, spontaneous seeming and rich in texture.' What became of The Watersons [...]

The Watersons – Early Days2019-11-05T14:31:35+00:00

Waterson:Carthy – Waterson:Carthy


With an eclecticism characteristic of its members, Waterson:Carthy's first album draws upon not only the archives of British folksong but a Morris tune and a Texas waltz. What is transmitted to the listener, however, is not so much the skill of their [...]

Waterson:Carthy – Waterson:Carthy2019-10-29T10:39:28+00:00

Waterson:Carthy – Common Tongue


"This is deliberately an album of English music," writes Martin Carthy in his notes. "It is neither possible nor desirable to set up musical border checkpoints anywhere. However, there is that elusive and ever changing thing called identity." Assisted by members of [...]

Waterson:Carthy – Common Tongue2020-11-30T14:54:19+00:00
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