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Ramblin’ Jack Elliott – Talking Woody Guthrie


One generation thinks of the Ramblin' Jack Elliott who brought the image and songs of Woody Guthrie to an eager Europe in the 1950s. Another knows him as a guiding hand behind Bob Dylan and all the singers after him. To others, [...]

Ramblin’ Jack Elliott – Talking Woody Guthrie2021-02-10T10:08:40+00:00

Jack Elliott – Ramblin’ Jack


Woody Guthrie's most famous sidekick (and an early influence on Bob Dylan) celebrates his old friend in poignant versions of his most celebrated songs, then joins singer and banjoist Derroll Adams in a session of classic old-time country songs. Ramblin' Jack draws [...]

Jack Elliott – Ramblin’ Jack2019-11-12T14:59:48+00:00
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