Irish Traditional Concertina Styles


From the original LP notes by Neil Wayne: In this, the sixth Topic/Free Reed release, we present a sample of the playing of eight musicians from various parts of Ireland who play the Anglo concertina. Today, the richest store of traditional concertina [...]

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Bernard o’Sullivan, Tommy McMahon – Play Irish Traditional Music of County Clare


This is the second Topic LP of the music of Tommy McMahon and Bernard O’Sullivan. Like the first record it illustrates the richness, depth and variety of Clare concertina music. The selection here is very varied and includes reels, jigs, hornpipes, set [...]

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John Kelly – Fiddle and Concertina Player


John Kelly was born in the district of Rehy West, County Clare, and for over thirty years was a force in Irish music - he was a member of Sean O' Riada's Ceoltoiri Cualainn, of the Castle Ceilidh Band, and of Ceoltoiri [...]

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Chris Droney – The Flowing Tide


Chris Droney's repertoire, unlike that of many musicians, is not dominated by the reel and the jig; his playing is well leavened with the set dances, marches, polkas, hornpipes and slow airs of Clare, music that epitomizes the true traditional repertoire of [...]

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The Cock and Bull Band – Eyes Closed and Rocking


The Cock and Bull Band were formed in 1979 from the ashes of Hemlock. Members were Brad Bradstock, John Maxwell, Jean-Pierre Rasle and Dave Whetstone. Paul Martin replaced Brad in 1980 and the band recorded their debut album All Buttoned Up on [...]

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Vin Garbutt – Little Innocents


Vin Garbutt's third album for Topic, from 1983. Expecting their third child, Garbutt and his wife, Pat, made a routine visit to their GP. They were stunned when the doctor asked them if they wanted to keep their baby. It was the [...]

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Various Artists – The Lambs on the Green Hills


County Clare has long been known as one of the richest areas for music and song throughout Ireland. Petrie, writing in his 'Ancient Music of Ireland', published in 1855, was enthusiastic about the tunes he heard. His remarks spring from his travels [...]

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The Music of Scott Skinner – Traditional Scots Fiddling


It is very appropriate that the artistry of William Hardie should be featured on this disc along with that of J. Scott Skinner, for many authorities believe him to be the finest living exponent of the Scott Skinner style. William Hardie, accompanied [...]

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Sam Larner – A Garland For Sam


This record celebrates one of the finest folk singers of our time, Sam Larner, born in Winterton, Norfolk, in 1878. Winterton is just north of Yarmouth, on the coastal edge of a stretch of flat watery country that, half a century ago, [...]

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Gary & Vera Aspey – Seeing Double


Gary & Vera Aspey's 1979 album was their last for Topic, continuing the effective combination of sensitive instrumentation from Vera with well-matched vocals from them both. 1. Seeing Double 2. My Good-Looking Man 3. Miss Tickle Toby 4. The Dowie Dens of [...]

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John Reilly – The Bonny Green Tree


A man who did not read or write but who was one of the most learned men to grace the roads of Ireland. John Reilly now lies with his mother in an un-marked grave in the cemetery of Ballaghadereen. But he has [...]

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