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Ewan MacColl – Ballads: Murder, Intrigue, Love, Discord


The great traditional ballads are storytelling at its dark, urgent best and the greatest exponent of this folk art was Ewan MacColl. Traditional narrative ballads are at the centre of the British Folk Tradition. They told stories which helped define the English [...]

Ewan MacColl – Ballads: Murder, Intrigue, Love, Discord2019-11-07T16:28:06+00:00

Ewan MacColl – The Real MacColl


This powerful compilation from MacColl's many recordings made for the Topic label during the 1950s and '60s gathers ballads and songs of nationhood, crime and punishment, mining and weaving. Many are traditional, but some are MacColl's own compositions and include such widely [...]

Ewan MacColl – The Real MacColl2019-11-05T15:33:28+00:00
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