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The influence of the English southern harmony style of singing of The Copper Family is inestimable. Certainly groups like The Watersons and The Young Tradition are deeply in their debt, but the harmony singing of many English folk groups can be traced back to these roots.

The Copper Family Songbook


The Copper Family Songbook - A Living Tradition - contains the words and music of 65 songs from the Copper Family repertoire, augmented by Bob's own illustrations, archive photographs and introduction to the background of the songs by Bob Copper. Strictly limited [...]

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Bob Copper – A Song For Every Season


Reprint of Bob Copper's award-winning A Song For Every Season. First published in 1971 A Song For Every Season - one hundred years in the life of a Sussex farming family - contains the words and music of forty-seven songs from the [...]

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Bob Copper – A Man Of No Consequence


This is Bob Copper's final book, which had been completed and edited at the time of his death in 2004. This volume fills in the many gaps left by his previous works. It provides a charming and detailed account of his life [...]

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The Copper Family – Come Write Me Down (Early Recordings)


The Copper Family of Rottingdean in Sussex has roots in traditional song that are at least two hundred years old. Their rare southern English harmony is presented at its most outstanding in these classic performances from the 1950s and early '60s. Bob [...]

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