TSCD464 webSea songs and shanties
A treasure-chest of seafaring songs delivered by such fine inter-preters as Louis Killen, The Watersons, Bob Davenport, Ian Campbell and Cyril Tawney. The two dozen performances include some of the best-known of all British sea songs and shanties, evoking a long and turbulent history of shipwrecks and sea-battles, of tall ships and whalers and the men who sailed in them.

Louis Killen : The Wild Goose
Ian Campbell : Lovely Nancy
Ewan MacColl : The Black Ball Line
Cyril Tawney : The Nightingale
Harry H Corbett : Blow the Man Down
Louis Killen : Heave Away My Johnny
Sam Larner : The Lofty Tall Ship
Ian Campbell : Row Bullies Row
Louis Killen : The Flying Cloud
10  Cyril Tawney : The Fireship
11  Bob Davenport : Tom’s Gone to Hilo
12  The Watersons : Greenland Whale Fishery
13  Louis Killen : The Ship in Distress
14  Ian Campbell : Lowlands Low
15  Bob Hart : Cod Banging
16  Cyril Tawney : One Morning in Spring
17  Louis Killen : Hilo Johnny Brown
18  A.L.Lloyd : The Bonny Ship The Diamond
19  Louis Killen : The Bold Princess Royal
20  Bob Davenport : Billy Boy
21  Bob Roberts : Windy Old Weather
22  Cyril Tawney : The Bold Benjamin
23  Ian Campbell : The Hog-Eye Man
24  Louis Killen : Good Bye, Fare Thee Well

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