In 1977 Lal and Norma Waterson, as a side project, recorded A True Hearted Girl – an album of solos, duos and trios (with Lal’s daughter Maria). Lal and Norma varied the tried and true vision of The Watersons on this outing, by only using female voices and in different combinations. This gives the album a different ambience and depth to The Watersons.

Highlights of A True Hearted Girl include The Flowers of the Forest, I Wish I Never Had and Grace Darling. This CD reissue includes two extra tracks; one from the 1966 Watersons album, A Yorkshire Garland, and a rare 1998 live recording of The Waterdaughters (Lal, Norma, Maria & Eliza Carthy).

Lal Waterson, Norma Waterson, Maria Waterson, Eliza Carthy vocals
Jim Eldon flute, whistle
Peta Webb fiddle
Rod Stradling melodeon
Tony Engle Anglo-concertina

1  Young Billy Brown
2  Betsy Belle
3  The Beggar Man
4  The Welcome Sailor
5  Meeting is a Pleasure
6  I Wish I Had Never
7  The Wealthy Squire
8  The Pretty Drummer Boy
9  John Ball
10  Jenny Storm
11  The Bonny Light Horseman
12  The Unfortunate Lass
13  The Flowers of the Forest
14  Grace Darling

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