tscd669 webVolume 19 of The Voice of The People.
Dance Music of the North of England.
An anthology edited by REG HALL.

1 WILL ATKINSON mouth-organ: Hexham Races / The Stool Of Repentance
2 TOM HUNTER & BILLY BALLANTINE fiddle & piccolo: The Gilsland Hornpipe
3 NED PEARSON fiddle: Untitled Hornpipe. Untitled Polka
4 BILLY BALLANTINE piccolo: Bonny North Tyne
5 WILLY TAYLOR fiddle: The Braemar Gathering /J.D. Burgess
6 WILL ATKINSON mouth-organ: The Friendly Visit / The Greencastle / The Lass On The Strand
7 WILLY TAYLOR, JOE HUTTON & WILL ATKINSON fiddle, small pipes & rnouth-organ: Christie MacLeod / The Gallowglass Rant / Charlie Hunter
8 JIM RUTHERFORD fiddle: The Morpeth Rant
9 ARTHUR MARSHALL melodeon & THE LOFTUS SWORD DANCERS The Oyster Girl – lst Figure. The Lass Of Dallowgill – 2nd Figure.
10 WILLY TAYLOR fiddle: Willy Taylor’s Polka. There’s Nae Good Luck
11 WILLY TAYLOR accordeon: The Pop Along Polka
12 WILLY TAYLOR, JOE HUTTON & Will ATKINSON fiddle, small pipes & mouth-organ: Mrs. Jamieson’s Favourite / Parnell’s March
13 NED PEARSON fiddle: The Polka Mazurka. Paddle Your Own Canoe
14 WILL ATKINSON mouth-organ: Farewell To The Creeks
15 ADAM GRAY fiddle: Tom Hepple’s Polka. The Tow House Polka
16 ROB FORRESTER mouth-organ, with ALF ADAMSON’S BAND The Wild Rover / Copshawholm Fair / Yon Flowery Garden
17 WILL ATKINSON rnouth-organ: J.B.Milne / The New High Level
18 DAVIE ROGERSON fiddle: The Tenpenny Bit / The Rakes Of Kildare / I Lost My Love And I Care Not. Untitled Reel
19 BILLY BALLANTINE & JIMMY HUNTER piccolo & mouth-organ: Rosalie, The Prairie Flower. My Lodging / Blow The Wind Southerly
20 NED PEARSON fiddle: Corn-Rigs. Untitled Jig For The Sylph 1. Untitled Jig For The Sylph 2
21 WILL ATKINSON mouth-organ: Longueval
22 JAKE HUTTON, TOM HUNTER & BILLY BALLANTINE two fiddles & piccolo: The Kielder Schottische
23 BILLY BALLANTINE piccolo: The Sylph. Proudlock’s Hornpipe
24 NED PEARSON fiddle: The Highland Laddie. The Pin Reel The Cambo March
25 WILL ATKINSON mouth-organ: A.M.Shinnie / The Hogmaney Jig / Elizabeth Adair
26 DAVIE ROGERSON fiddle: Untitled Hornpipe. The Swallow’s Tail
27 THE CHEVIOT RANTERS band: The Ideal Schottische
28 WILLY TAYLOR, JOE HUTTON & WILL ATKINSON fiddle, small pipes & mouth-organ: Kelso Accordion And Fiddle Club / Linda McFarlane / The Scairlaveg

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