Traditional and contemporary folk from the British Isles


Blowers from the Balkans presents a remarkable collection of historic recordings from virtuoso players of wind instruments from the countries that make up the Balkans – Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania and the newly independent parts of the former Yugoslavia. The recordings were made over a period spanning from the 1906 through to the mid 1940s. All have been re-mastered to the highest standards to produce outstanding sound quality. 

The featured instruments include clarinets (and related reed instruments), panpipes, bagpipe and flutes with a variety of backings and the package is completed with detailed notes from the compiler Risto Pekka Pennanen as well as historic photographs.

“An indispensable historical record – transfer to a high standard – sleeve notes of quite remarkable accuracy and historical interest. Highly recommended.” fRoots magazine
“It’s 1927 in Chicago, Louis Armstrong is recording his classic hot 7 tracks – at the same time in New York the obscure Romanian, Joan Hartegan, has almots the same instrumentation laying down Invertita dela Chicago….the transfers are expertly done” SongLines
“Sound quality is impressive, and the music seems to have been selected with an ear for strongly melodic tunes.” Dirty Linen

Romanian style music
Orchestra Romaneasca Chindia (Dusk)
Orhístra P Mamákou Stalingrad
Orchestra lui Harţegan Invertita dela Chicago
Orchestra lui Harţegan Hategana
Orchestra lui Harţegan învârtita din Indiana harbor
Orchestra Alex Mâţă, voce Codin Dura, dura (glide along)
Paun Muscalagiu Cavalul
Fănică Luca and orchestra Sărba lui Fănică Luca
Orchestra Monea Gheorghe cu Luţaloviţă Invartita cu stigari (Inviratita with shouts)
Peasant music
10  Atanas Georgi Gergov Snoshti minaha prez selo turtsi- drugovertsi (Last night the infidel Turks passed through the village)
11  Georgi Atanasov Kehaiov Panayoy Vonka dumashe )Panayot advises Vonka)
12  P Opingari and S T Ilo ‘Valle’ – kapisseshte (Dance)
Greek clarinet music
13  Georgia Mittáki and Folk Orchestra Páre me kai ména bárba (Take me with you, uncle)
14  Nikos Karakóstas and Folk Orchestra Syrtós mesogeítikos  (Mesogeian syrtós)
15  Geórgos Anestópoulos with Folk Orchestra Dyósmos ki’ vasilikós (Mint and basil)
16  Orhístra Kósta Gadíni Kritikó syrtó (Cretan syrtós)
17  Kóstas Gadínis Mána mou stlleis mia grafí (Mother, you send me a letter)
18  Ipeirótiki Iaikí orhístra (Epirot Folk Orchestra) Palií kléftes (Old klephts)
19  Hrístos Kyríákis & Hrístos Germanós Trygóna (Turtle dove)
20  Andónis Sakellaríou and Orchestra O Zaharías (Zacharias)
Ottoman-Greek café music
21 Kóstas Karrás Vohaítissa (Girl from Voha)
22  Orhístra P Mamákou I nosókoma (The Nurse)
23  Evangelákis Vláhos & Kóstas Kastroúnis Zeibékiko
24  Kyría Koúla Tsirirgótiko eínai to neró (The water is Tsirgiotic)
25  Orhístra Kósta Gadíni Bárba-Giánnis (Uncle Yiannis)

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