TSCD480 webThe folk ballad,’ wrote A.L.Lloyd, ‘is a folk tale put into verse and set to music. Among British ballads are some of the oldest as well as greatest folksongs we have.’ His claim is trenchantly justified by this exceptional collection, as dramas of the distant past are restaged in vibrant performances by Ewan MacColl, Anne Briggs, Louis Killen, Mike Waterson, Norman Kennedy and Lloyd himself.

1 A.L.Lloyd with Alf Edwards : Henry Martin
Ewan MacColl : The Baron of Brackley
Anne Briggs : Reynardine
Louis Killen : The Bramble Briar
A.L.Lloyd with Dave Swarbrick : Jack Orion
Mike Waterson : The Cruel Ship’s Carpenter
A.L.Lloyd with Alf Edwards : The Cruel Mother
Ewan MacColl : Lord Randal
A.L.Lloyd with Alf Edwards : The Bitter Withy
10   Norman Kennedy : The Forester
11  Anne Briggs : Willie o Winsbury
12  Ewan MacColl with Alf Edwards : The ‘Sweet Kumadie’
13  A.L.Lloyd : The Demon Lover
14  Louis Killen : Young Edwin in the Lowlands
15  Ewan MacColl with Alf Edwards : Hughie the Graeme
16  Norman Kennedy : Drumdelgie
17   A.L.Lloyd with Alf Edwards : The Prickly Bush
18  Ewan MacColl : The Beggar Man

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