TSCD751The Voice of the People is a tremendous collection of Traditional Music recordings from the British Isles – England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales. The series runs to 20 CDs and presents an extensive and varied picture of traditional singing, instrumental music-making and dancing throughout the course of the 20th century.

This specially priced twenty-track introduction to the Voice of the People series features a track from each of the original 20 albums together with an introductory note.

“Great music in really vital and absolutely unique performances. An indispensable resource for anyone genuinely interested in traditional folk songs and their performance” NetRhythms

PADDY TUNNEY voice : When a Man’s in Love He Feels No Cold
SAM LARNER voice : In Scarborough Town
BELLE STEWART voice : The Two Brothers
MARGARET BARRY & MICHAEL GORMAN voice, banjo & fiddle : Farewell My Own Dear Native Land
JOE HEANEY voice : The Rocks of Bawn
6 JOSEPH TAYLOR voice : Bold William Taylor
7 CHARLIE WILLS voice : Up to the Rigs of London Town
8 SARAH MAKEM voice : The Wind That Shakes the Barley
9 SCAN TESTER & RABBITY BAXTER concertina & tambourine : Untitled Polka
10 POP MAYNARD voice : The Seeds of Love
11 PHOEBE SMITH voice : The Tan Yard Side
12 HARRY COX voice : Just as the Tide was a-Flowing
13 DAVIE STEWART voice : I’m Often Drunk and Seldom Sober
14 PHIL TANNER voice : The Four-Hand Reel
15 JIMMY McBEATH voice : I’m a Stranger in this Country
16 THE SAILOR’S HOBBY HORSE (Minehead) : Live Performance (tune: Joe, The Boat is Tipping Over)
17 JEANNIE ROBERTSON voice : The Gypsy Laddies
18 WALTER PARDON voice : The Poachers’ Fate
19 WILL ATKINSON mouth-organ : jigs – Hexham Races / The Stool of Repentance
20 FRED JORDAN voice : We Shepherds are the Best of Men

Unfortunately this title is now deleted but you may find copies available on AMAZON