tsdl226This record is a partial musical portrait of Glasgow, the city that more than any other in these islands, arouses shame, admiration and very real fear – the Glasgow of the old tradition, half-pastoral, half-urban, and nothing at all to do with the haggis or saffron kilts or tongued brogues; the Glasgow where the bewildered newcomer from the Highlands faces the line of a hundred grimy tenements; the Glasgow of the Hampden roar, of the bitter snarl of Orange against Green, of the shrill ironies of tough ten-year-olds of the courts of Govan and the concrete wastes of Easterhouse; the Glasgow of the factory gate demo, the Social Security queue, and the UCS work-in.

The Clutha, Terry Dick, Flora MacNeill, Geordie McIntyre, Freddie Anderson, Mick Broderick, Gordeanna McCulloch, Duncan Cameron, John Cameron, children from Barmulloch Primary School

1. DANCE TUNE MEDLEY played by The Clutha (Calum Allan & Erlend Voy – fiddles; Ron Alexander – guitar; John Eaglesham – concertina)
2. FOOTBALL SONGS Sung by Terry Dick with chorus
4. THE SPORTS O’ GLASGOW GREEN sung by Geordie McIntyre
5. LET GLASGOW FLOURISH recited by Freddy Anderson
6. THE COLLIER’S EIGHT HOUR DAY sung by John Eaglesham acc The Clutha
7. THE WEEKEND SONG sung by Gordeanna McCulloch
8. O’REILLY AND THE BIG MACNEILL sung by Geordie McIntyre acc. Duncan Cameron – banjo; Johnny Cameron – guitar
9. BOTTLING SONGS sung by Gordeanna McCulloch, Sheila Christie with chorus, acc. The Clutha
10. THE BLEACHER LASSIE O’ KELVINHAUGH sung by Gordeanna McCulloch
11. THREE NIGHTS AND A SUNDAY DOUBLE TIME sung by Geordie McIntyre acc. Johnny Cameron – acoustic guitar; Duncan Cameron – bass guitar
12. CHILDREN’S STREET & PLAYGROUND SONGS sung by children of Barmulloch Primary School
13. THE BALLAD OF THE Q4 sung by Mick Broderick acc. Johnny Cameron – acoustic guitar; Duncan Cameron – bass guitar
14. THE WORKS OUTING sung by Geordie McIntyre acc. Erlend Voy & John Eaglesham – concertinas
15. MARCH TUNE MEDLEY played by The Clutha

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