‘Few singers have such a vigorous, broad-ranging and fresh-sounding song repertoire as Nottingham’s Roy Harris, and none can handle it more convincingly. With Roy Harris at the helm the revival is in safe hands.’ Melody Maker 1973

On The Bitter & The Sweet Roy is accompanied by Notts Alliance – Ian Stewart, Roger Grimes & Laurence Platt, and Muckram Wakes – Roger Watson, Helen Wainwright & John Tams.

1 Turpin Hero (with Notts Alliance)
2 The Bonny Green Woods (with Muckram Wakes)
3 The Death Of Bill Brown
4 The Three Butchers (self-accompanied on guitar)
5 The Ullswater Pack (with chorus)
6 Poor Owd ‘Oss (with Notts Alliance)
7 General Ludd’s Triumph (with Muckram Wakes)
8 Poverty Knock (with combined groups)
9 The Streams Of Lovely Nancy
10 Robin Hood and The Tanner (with Notts Alliance and Roger Watson, dulcimer)
11 The ‘Royal Oak’
12 Strike The Bell (with Notts Alliance)
13 McCafferty
14 All Through The Ale (with Roger Watson, concertina)

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