Bonny North Tyne is a splendid collection of Northumbrian Country Music played by John Armstrong fiddle, Billy Atkinson mouth organ, Billy Conran whistle, George Hepple fiddle, Joe Hutton small-pipes and Donald Ridley accordeon. These recordings were made in Northumberland by Tony Engle and Tony Wilson in the early 1970s.

1 Tell her I am / Teviot Brig Billy Atkinson
2 Barrington Hornpipe / Rowley Bum Joe Hutton
3 The Rowan Tree / Jock of Hazeldean John Armstrong & Joe Hutton
4a Green Castle / Spot On Billy Conroy
4b Corn Rigs Billy Conroy
5 Sheffield Hornpipe / Untitled Hornpipe / Miss Thompson’s Hornpipe / Liddle’s Hompipe George Hepple & Donald Ridley
6 Hexham Races / Stool of Repentance Billy Atkinson
7 The Wonder Hornpipe / Navvie on the line Joe Hutton
8 The Bum Divot George Hepple & Donald Ridley
9 Horsley Lassies / Bellingham Boat / The Howlet and the Weasel George Hepple & Donald Ridley
10 Sir Sidney Smith’s March John Armstrong & Joe Hutton
11 Liverpool Hornpipe / Steamboat Hornpipe Billy Conroy
12 J B Milne/The New High Level Billy Atkinson
13 Bonny North Tyne/The Redesdale Hompipe Joe Hutton
14 Drink to Me Only /Will Ye No Come Back Again John Armstrong & Joe Hutton
15 Nancy / Whinshield’s Hompipe / Whinham’s Reel  George Hepple & Donald Ridley
16 Geordie’s Jig  George Hepple
17 Jenny Bell Polka Billy Conroy
18 Napoleon’s Grand March / Untitled March  Billy Conroy
19 The Friendly Visit / Green Castle / Lass on the Strand  Billy Atkinson
20 The Girl with the Blue Dress On / The Big Ship George Hepple & Donald Ridley

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