Anne Briggs - Gold VinylThis eponymous 1971 debut album by Anne Briggs, largely unavailable for 48 years, is widely regarded as a pillar of any folk collection. Re-issued here as part of the Topic Treasures series – the label’s classic and notable albums expanded in deluxe format with rare images, new liner notes (by esteemed journalist, Ken Hunt) – ‘Anne Briggs’ heralds a huge resurgence of interest in this most reclusive of folk doyennes.

This debut album contains some of Briggs’ most notable songs, including ‘Blackwater Slide,’ which she famously taught to Bert Jansch, (who recorded it on his ‘Jack Orion’ album) and ‘Go Your Way,’ co-written with Jansch. As with the 1971 original, the sleeve here contains song notes by the highly-regarded English folk singer and collector of folk songs, A.L. Lloyd.
Limited edition 180gm gold vinyl back in stock on December 6th 2019.

1 Blackwater Side
2 The Snow It Melts the Soonest
3 Willie O’Winsbury
4 Go Your Way
5 Thorneymoor Woods
6 The Cuckoo
7 Reynardine
8 Young Tambling
9 Living By the Water
10 Maa Bonny Lad

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“If I hadn’t heard her,” says June Tabor, “I’d have probably done something entirely different.”
“She was, as the best of the music itself was, sexy, wild, mysterious, otherworldly and vulnerable all at the same time.”