Kevin Mitchell one of the finest singers of song from North Ulster was born in the city of Derry 36 years ago. In 1969 he settled in Glasgow where he worked as an industrial painter, and is married, with two children. When asked to describe his singing voice, words like distinctive, personal style, lyrical and even beautiful come to mind, but none of them are enough. One thing is certain, if you ever hear him singing you will remember it.

1 Free and Easy
2 The Lurgy Streams
3 The Mickey Dam
4 Nancy Bell
5 The Boys of MuIlaghbawn
6 Going to Mass Last Sunday
7 The Magherafelt May Fair
8 The Light Horse
9 The Moorlough Shore
10 Two Strings on a Bow
11 Seán Ó Duibhir (Sean O’ Dwyer)
12 The Oul’ Grey Man

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